Southern Cross Flutes Branding

Southern Cross Flutes specialise in crafting traditional Native American style flutes for players in New Zealand and beyond. The flutes are crafted by Todd Chaplin who learnt the art form from some of the worlds greatest flute makers including Guillermo Martinez, one of the master craftspeople in Native American style flute-making. Todd channels all that he has learnt over the years to create custom flutes using distinctive New Zealand woods such as swamp kauri which has been naturally preserved for over 45,000 years.

We worked closely with Todd to create new branding and the strap line ‘Crafted from Nature’ that captured the heart and spirit of Southern Cross Flutes. The brand centres around the Tui, a native New Zealand song bird. The bird has open wings, symbolising the sound of the Tui filling the night sky. The stars of the southern cross are integrated into the design, conveying a sense of place. The new visual identity tells a story and reflects the values at the heart of Southern Cross Flutes - creativity and inspiration, beauty and contemplation.